Hello, Fiscal Folks!

ThriftKid is here to help you help your children learn about finance. Money isn't the end all be all but it is important. Parents and schools can do more to teach our children important lessons about finances and money, and we want to help. In our early Beta, we are primarily recommending products that can help; as we grow and develop the site we'll bring other resources to help you!

About ThriftKid

I have three young children, and they are interested in how money works. They want to buy things, they want to handle their own transactions, and they want to understand finances. It's natural to want things, but we want the children to learn some basics:

  • You can't have everything you want, because things cost money.
  • It isn't easy to earn enough money for all the things you might want.
  • There are ways they can get those things they want, but it involves work, saving and planning.

Maybe you, as a grown up, know what it's like to have made financial mistakes. Maybe you ran up credit, or haven't saved enough for your retirement. Maybe you live paycheck to paycheck. And maybe you want better for your kids! I know I do! So I'm putting this site together as a resource to help me, you and educators think about creative ways to teach our kids.

Products That Might Help!

Play Money!

Practice with some play money. Learn about denominations, practice counting, practice making change...run a pretend store. This a great tool to help your young one learn about cash.

Cash Register!

Talking cash register brings money math to life. Students can practice coin identification, addition, subtraction and place value as they play 4 featured games that increase in difficulty as players advance. Also great for imaginative play and learning basic calculator skills. Automatic shut-off saves batteries and reminds students to “come and play again!” Includes play money, coupon and pretend credit card. Requires 3 C batteries, not included.

Piggy Bank!

A real and classic Piggy Bank! Teach your kids to save up for a rainy day, or for a toy they really *need*. A great place to pack away allowances.

Money Habitudes Cards/Game!

Geared for teens (ages 14-18), the money personality cards are used like money management games. Money Habitudes for Teens is often used in high school classes (economics and personal finance, psychology, business, history, etc.), after-school and youth programs like 4H, as well as job readiness seminars and life skills seminars.